Are your Promotional Campaigns being noticed?

Standout from the rest!

Try one of our skilled Spruikers for your next Sale or promotional.

Highly Professional Spruikers

Zany Spruikers

Highly Professional Hostess Girls

Cooking Demonstrations

Fashion with Elegance

Sales Promotions


Highly professional Spruikers - who can bring a touch of style to any Sale or Promotion.

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Zany Spruikers - who can draw interest and raise awareness of your next Sale or Promotion

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Highly Professional Hostess Girls who can assist with your next campaign.

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Cooking Demonstrations – Professional Chefs using the freshest ingredients whilst presenting mouth watering dishes that are visually stunning, taste superb and will truly inspire your culinary imagination. (Celebrity Chefs can be arranged)

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Fashion with Elegance – Fashion shows and fashion styling to suit any event from everyday to after five, Major Fashion launches to cost effective Fashion Styling.

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Sales Promotions – Let our experienced team of marketers create the perfect Sales Campaign from conception to completion, including Spruikers, Graphic Design, Flyers, Signage, Press Advertising and Merchandising.

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